Saturday, July 29, 2006

Your "justice" system at "work"....what a joke.  Posted by Picasa


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I'm sure the taxpayer will be footing the bill for the bastard who did this to get "treatment" .. from what I understand he's back on the street and driving again.

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This so called new Bill S-213 proposed by Senator John Bryden is the exact same thing we have now except for a miniscule increase in penalties. Our animal cruelty law is 100 years old and does not even recognize law and peace enforcement animals in the direct line of fire. I guess abolishing the long rifle registration and banning gay marriages are more important to the Harper government. Two issues that have seen the same amount of debate in Ottawa as the animal anti-cruelty act the Liberals tried to push through. It is clear that law enforcement people and animals are third class citizens in this country and grossly ignored. The majority of Canadians support tougher laws if the Harper government isn’t going to listen to the people THEY WORK FOR they should leave office. It is a privilege to lead the Canadian people not a right. We put them in and we can vote them out! We must stick together on this issue and fight, fight fight until Brigadier’s Law is passed, or the current government is voted out. God bless Brig.

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I think Vic should take note that when he was up for election he wrote, on paper, a letter that I have in my possesion, expressing concern and support for another bill that would see Law Enforcement animals specifically mentioned in the Criminal Code of Canada. I hope that he returns to that idea before that letter, and this one that I just saw, get sent to the national media to display his flip flop on this issue. I think 30 days from today is fair...

Anonymous (FOR NOW)

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Is this letter a joke?

I am shocked and sadden by this letter. I would have thought that even the politicians would have been disgusted with this act and helped to bring in changes.

I guess not.


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When Does a Parliamentary Bill Accomplish Nothing?
When it is called Bill S-213

The time for change is long overdue. Canadians have voiced their support to remove animals from the property section of the Criminal Code and put them into a section where criminal charges for deliberate animal cruelty and abuse can be laid, including financial restitution for veterinary care.

This is of particular urgency for law enforcement animals who, though called to duty for Canadians, have no meaningful protection under the law. Such a meaningful bill, C-50 (nicknamed Brigadier’s Law after a fallen police horse), was already approved in parliament before the last election was called. The bill was never passed.

It is with astonishment that we report our present government has decided against re-introducing “Brigadier’s Law” into Parliament, but will instead support a lesser bill, known as S-213. Imagine, a perfectly valid, already written, already approved by parliament, bill not being used, and a new lesser bill named S-213 being proposed instead. The question is why?

This latest bill should not be confused as being the bill we have all been working towards nor the one that once had parliamentary support. We, at Brigadier’s Law, do not support bill S-213 and nor should you.

Bill S-213, introduced in April, would raise the maximum jail term to five years for indictable offences, higher than the current two-year maximum and would raise the maximum fine from the current $2,000 to $10,000. It would also allow judges to impose a lifetime ban on animal ownership for anyone convicted of animal cruelty. Why then do we say that this bill is without merit - because, it is an empty shell of a bill, with little foundation for the laying of meaningful charges. The reasons are numerous with the main one being that crimes against animals are still considered property offences. Technically and effectively what we want is animals treated as living sentient beings, which is in our version of the bill known as “Brigadier’s Law”.

Our interim proposal is that, while the federal government does nothing to provide protection for police enforcement and other animals, local municipalities should enact municipal bylaws to protect them. Dan Sandor, candidate for Toronto City Councillor (Ward 38, Scarborough Centre) would put forth such a motion at City Hall. As the founder of Brigadier’s Law, Dan will spearhead the creation of a city bylaw that will protect animals, including law enforcement service animals.

Let’s be clear, we at Brigadier’s Law, do NOT support bill S-213. It is time for the Criminal Code of Canada to reflect the progressive views of the Canadian people and provide meaningful protection as provided by law. Join our voice as one to be heard. For more information on how you can help, visit or contact Dan Sandor directly at

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Dirk Sankersingh quietly pled out on January 15, 2007, & received a 2-year "conditional sentence", i.e. house arrest. What a travesty. We should all be outraged.

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Every so often I will go to the Brigadier Web site just to keep up to date. Until now, I was not aware that the individual who ran Brig down ended up only with "house arrest". Absolutely shameful!
The Criminal Code definitely does need to be amended to include "Brig's Law".
I live just around the corner, so to speak, from Thistledown - where Brig's ashes now rest. I am quite sure that Brig is looking down from his "high pasture" and smiling. The rolling hills of Uxbridge truly are "horse country".

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