Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shame on our "Justice" system and shame on the people of Toronto/Ontario/Canada who just sit back and let it all happen.

"Dirk Sankersingh quietly pled out on January 15, 2007, & received a 2-year "conditional sentence", i.e. house arrest. What a travesty. We should all be outraged."

But of course we won't be. Like the nice Canadian sheep we are, we'll just let it happen. Over and over.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a beautifull horse and what a waste of a life, he did not deserve death and they way he was cruely took does not make it any easier, i cannot believe two months later he was out driving again, something needs to be done to stop such cruelty to such fine animals.I must add you took a gorgeous photo of such a beautiful animal.RIP sweetie.

6:46 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horses took care of us in the past (transportation, etc.). We should respect them and treat them fairly. My personal opinion is...the death penalty of humans who harm animals!!!!!

11:12 am  
Blogger Unknown said...

Animals trained and use by police services should be considered "officers", not "property". These animals are sentient beings, loyal to their handlers (partners), and feel joy, fear and pain the same as their human counterparts. When these animals are intentionally injured by criminals, those criminals should incur the same charges they would if that injury had happened to the human police officer. By not accounting for the fact that these animals are living beings, and by designating them only as "property", it leaves them vulnerable to attack; a less risky target in the criminal's attempt to thwart justice, without serious enough repercussions under the law to act as a deterrent.

10:47 am  

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