Wednesday, June 06, 2007

a year later...

and the anger doesn't really die, does it? Nor the frustration with our legal system that keeps putting dangerous losers back on the street.

Anyway, a terrific Toronto writer, Ward McBurney has written a beautiful article on the Toronto Police Mounted Unit. Give it a read.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

1-8-08 I am sorry for your lose of your friend. I had read your blog from top to bottom and balled my eyes out. I know your lose personally. I had to put down a filly of mine. She had a broken leg. I wast ready to let go. I also share your anger. That man should have gotten a jail sentence for such a ruthless crime. He had a choice to keep on going or turn around.
Did you find a replacement for Brigadier's stall? I know the horse in your heart can never be replaced.

2:55 pm  
Anonymous Marcia Cross said...

What a magnificent photograph in your blog column. Is that a photo of the finished sculpture of Brigadier, or a live person and horse? I would have loved to have read the article/blog that this post directed me to, but I tried twice, and the link lead me to a Health Care blog with a note that the post was no longer available. I am still interested in reading the article. Does anyone have it in a file? Can they reattach it or post it individually so others can still read it? But for me, could someone please email it directly to me at Thank you in advance for that, and extend my thanks to all of you for your service.

9:29 am  

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